Gift Cards & Wishlists

Gift Cards:

Gift cards can be purchased for any amount you wish, starting at L$100. You can find the kiosks at the entrance of the mainstore, along with a cute gift box to send it in!

If you’ve received a gift card, you can redeem your card using the “Redeem Gift Card” terminal, and you can check your balance using the “Store Credit” terminal, also located at the mainstore entrance.

We also have 2 other methods of gifting items, other than gift cards, if you’d prefer:

Buy as Gift:
Our vendors have a gifting feature built in. Left click the vendor, & choose the “Buy Gift” option, then follow the instructions. (make sure your chat history window is open, so you don’t miss anything.)

On the Marketplace:
All Marketplace items can be sent as a gift. Click the “Add to cart as a gift” button, type in the recipient’s name, and it will be added to your cart. When you’re done, click the “Cart” button, make your purchase, and the item/s will be sent!

User License Agreement terms apply.



Wishlists are basically like gift registries in RL. You can create a wishlist, add up to 100 of your favorite items, then (shamelessly) inform your friends & wait for the pressies to roll in! (yay pressies!) They’re free to create, and totally easy to do!

Locate the following kiosk in the store:
Wishlist Kiosk

1. Click it.

2. Click “Create List”.

3. Choose a list type in the next menu. (This is just for easier tracking. The type doesn’t affect the actual list.)

4. Your list is now created! You will receive a link in chat that will take you to the main wishlist page. From there, you can locate others lists, and find help with using Wishlists.
NOTE: You don’t have to click this link to start creating your list. This is just for informational purposes.

** To add items to your Wishlist, just left click the item vendors and choose “Wish List” in the menu.

** To give your list to your friends, send them this link:
All they have to do is type in your name, and it will pull up your list!

** To modify your list, visit any Wishlist kiosk, click it, and choose “My List” in the menu. This will give you a private link to your personal list. *DO NOT* give this link to anyone! If you do, they can modify and/or clear your list! (Unless you want them to, in which case, go nuts. ;p)

You can only have 1 list at a time, but if you want to change the list type, just visit any Wishlist kiosk, and click “Create List” again, then choose a new list type. This will update your list.
NOTE: This won’t clear the current list. It only changes the list type at the top. If you want an entirely new list, just visit your “My List” page, and click “clear list”. Then you can start adding new items.

** To find more participating stores, click any Wishlist kiosk, and choose “Get HUD” from the menu. Then just scroll through until you see a store you like, click the logo and you can teleport right to it!

Any questions, feel free to IM me!


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