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If you’d like to stay informed of when Tool Shed releases new items, has sales, and participates in hunts & events, please join our update group! We offer 2 group options:

The “Subscriber” group keeps you updated on new releases, sales, and events. It does not take up a group slot, and is free to join.

The “VIP” group keeps you updated on new releases, sales, and events, but also offers random gifts throughout the year that are exclusive to group members. It requires an in-world group slot, and costs L$750 to join. Be sure to grab the join gift located at the mainstore entrance. Wear your Tool Shed VIP group tag, and click the box.

Group kiosks are located at the front of the mainstore. Simply click the board that corresponds to the group method you’d like to join.


* If you’d like to join the VIP group, you can visit the mainstore and click the kiosk, or you can copy/paste the following URL into your in-world chat window at any time, and click the “Join Now” button.


** Note that there is a non-refundable join fee. If you leave the group after joining, you will have to pay again to rejoin. Please keep this in mind!

* There is no need to join the subscriber group if you join the VIP group. Both groups will receive new release, sale, etc. notices. (unless you want to receive them twice ;p)

Any questions, feel free to IM me in-world! ^.^


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