The Rezzie Awards

The Rezzie Awards are the only awards dedicated to home, garden, and commercial builds, as well as the components used to build them.  They exclusively honor the designers, creators, coders, and builders who make Second Life visually stunning and interactive, which inspire roleplay, photography, machinima and more.

Founded in 2014 by Fallacy DeCuir and Kat Alderson, the Rezzie Awards are people’s choice awards, with open nominations and voting except in one category:  The coveted SLifetime Achievement awards. These awards are staff picks, with selections based on longevity, reputation, customer service, friendliness, as well as contributions and commitment to the community above personal interests.

The awards are held yearly, during the month of September. Staff is excluded from the final list of nominees, and are not eligible for awards. Winners will receive customized trophies designed by Fallacy DeCuir.  The awards are organized by Fallacy DeCuir, and are audited by Fallacy DeCuir and Kat Alderson.

Yearly winners can be viewed via The Rezzie Awards drop down menu.


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