2015 Winners

The Rezzie Awards 2015

Best Natural Formations
Studio Skye
Alex Bader

Best Trees
Kriss Lehmann

Best Grass & Fields
KIDD Landscaping
Dop Kidd

Best Flowers & Plants
Heart Garden Centre
Lilith Heart

Best Outdoor Structures
Eku Zhong

Best Outdoor Decor
Landscaping by Felix
FelixvonKotwitz Alter


Best Living Rooms
Trompe Loeil
Cory Edo

Best Dining Rooms
Winter DiPrima

Best Kitchens
Pamela Galli

Best Bathrooms
Winter DiPrima

Best Bedrooms (PG)
Cheeky Pea
Isla Gealach

Best Bedrooms (Adult)
Trompe Loeil
Cory Edo

Best Multi-Purpose Furniture
What Next
Winter Thorn

Best Decor
Apple Fall

Best Prefab Mansions & Castles
Morphe Inc
Abel Dreamscape

Best Prefab Homes & Cottages
Apple Fall

Best Commercial Prefabs
Loz Hyde

Best Skyboxes
Barnesworth Anubis
Barnesworth Anubis

Best Fantasy/Roleplay Builds/Furniture
Dysfunctional Designs
Kalia Firelyte/Anke Hatchuk

Best Gothic Builds/Furniture
House of Avro
Phoebe Avro

Best Urban Builds/Furniture
Trompe Loeil
Cory Edo

Best Historic Builds/Furniture
Cierra Anatine

Best Modern/Contemporary Builds/Furniture
Ria Bazar

Best Children’s Builds/Furniture
Zen Zarco


Best Merchant Supplies
Casper Warden

Best Scripts for Builder
Script Alchemy
Script Alchemi

Best Full Perm Single Animations
[RNP] Animations
RohanaRaven Zerbino

Best Full Perm Couple Animations
Naku Nishi

Best Full Perm Organic Textures
Studio Skye
Alex Bader

Best Full Perm Structure Textures
Textures R Us
Lillybeth Filth

Best Full Perm Fabric & Upholstery Textures
Fabric Lab
Cosette Winslet

Best Full Perm Wood Textures
Virtual Textures
Chica Indigo

Best Full Perm Genre Textures
Twisted Thorn
Nighty Goodspeed

Best Full Perm Building Component Meshes
Tao Dreamscape

Best Full Perm Landscaping Meshes
Teresa Matfield

Best Full Perm Outdoor Structure Meshes
Treasured Cove
Cara Ametza and CarpeDiem Turbo

Best Full Perm Outdoor Decor Meshes
Mesh Nation
Twistia Twine

Best Full Perm Living Room & Multi-Room Furniture Meshes
Katy’s Kreations
Katy Dirkle

Best Full Perm Bedroom & Bathroom Furniture Meshes
Katy’s Kreations
Katy Dirkle

Best Full Perm Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture Meshes
3D Republic
Anthonys Republic and Katelyn Barom

Best Full Perm Indoor Decor Meshes
Tao Dreamscape


Cory Edo of Trompe L’oiel
Alex Bader of Studio Skye
Sweet Valentine of Cupids Textures


Best Home and Garden Event
SL Home and Garden Expo

Event founder:  Nikki Mathieson
2014 Coordinator: Kat Alderson
2014 Co-coordinators:  Fallacy DeCuir and DeAnn Dufaux
2014 Staff:  Eden Knoller, Auryn Beorn, Reven Rosca and Landru McCallen

“Home Expo” is an annual event, and the largest gathering of home and garden and component designers on the grid.  It is a fundraiser benefiting Relay For Life of Second Life. The last Home Expo was in September 2014 (and was counted in the 2015 fund raising season).  What makes Home Expo special is NOT the founder, not the organizer, and not the staff.
We dedicate this award to the people who make Home Expo special – the merchants and the sponsors who give so generously and who have to bring their own builds, as well as brand new donation items.  These amazing designers come to set up on mostly empty sims (nine of them in 2014) and they make magic happen in three short days.  Frigging amazing!  The bloggers also come through for Home Expo, making sure the participating merchants get the attention and exposure they so richly deserve.
Though Kat and Fallacy were coordinators of the 2014 Home Expo, they felt it would be unfair to DeAnn, the rest of the staff, and the sponsors and merchants who participated to withdraw on their behalves.
(Obviously, we can’t hand out trophies to 100+ people, but you have our love and respect, and we look forward to seeing what you do with 2016 Expo.  Though we’ve retired, we will be sure to visit!)

As will happen in just about anything you can vote for, we bumped into some very tight voting margins.  In cases where the winners of particular categories won by less than 1% of the category votes, we feel it fair to make honorable mentions of the following runners-up:

Roost for Best Prefab Homes/Cottages
Fanatik for Best Commercial Prefabs
Park Place Home Decor for Best Dining Rooms

Congratulations to all the winners!  Keep up the good work!

The Rezzie Awards Team:

Fallacy DeCuir
Grand Sorceress
Kat Alderson
Executive Minion


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